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About iServe

Some of the hardest working individuals are those serving in the restaurant industries. Yet, these service employees are often overlooked, unappreciated and under-represented when it comes to available online, self-help tools and marketing resources. At iServe, we wanted to give these individuals a voice by creating a social networking platform just for them – helping them take control of their careers – empowering them to earn more money, gain more respect and seek out career advancement opportunities.

Restaurant service professionals make up over 10% of today’s workforce. They are the faces and representatives of the restaurants they serve, and one of the main contributors behind a great dining experience. We recognized that the service industry, specifically the restaurant industry, is a chosen career path for many professionals, but it lacked a true support system. We created iServe to serve the underserved.

With the steady increase of smartphone and mobile device use, servers are becoming more tech savvy and social in this digital world. iServe recognized the need to engage this new age server with a mobile environment that recognizes how vital their roles are to the restaurant industry. We wanted to give service industry employees an outlet and social community where they can gather to gain valuable insight from peers, seek advice, network and promote their careers and earning potential.

iServe provides a dedicated, social networking platform specifically designed to create a better dining experience – reaching, connecting, engaging and empowering all parties in one mobile gathering place.

iServe…Connecting & Engaging the Restaurant Community!

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